Philip Smith

This Is Football Amazon Prime Video
Five stars, "intense, reverential, multi-dimensional stuff." Daily Star

My Beatles Black Album with Charles Hazlewood Sky Arts
"Wonderful." The Guardian

Frankenstein and the Vampyre BBC2

“able acting ... enormous power and immediacy ... thoughtful contributions from heavyweight experts” Daily Telegraph
“Pick of the week ... intelligently crafted” The Independent
“good at showing the cultic atmosphere around Byron and his chums ... I enjoyed this tale” Daily Express
“Pick of the weekend” Financial Times

The Virtual Revolution BBC2
“one to watch ... impressive” Financial Times
“convincingly authoritative” The Guardian
“skips neatly between history and visions of the future” Time Out
“engrossing ... formidable ... presented with cool intelligence” Daily Telegraph
“excellent ... all the big names” The Independent
“fascinating” The Scotsman

Young John Paul II BBC1
“a powerful history” Sunday Times

The Incredible Human Journey BBC2
“brilliant ... impressive” The Guardian
“entertaining” The Observer
“TV Choice” Sunday Mirror
“Pick of the Day” The Guardian
“TV Choice” Financial Times

The Country House Revealed BBC2
“lovely new six-part series” Sunday Telegraph
“a tale of intrigue, family feuds and political wrangling” Radio Times
“Dan Cruickshank is on top form.” The Times

Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: The Panama Canal
“remarkable” The Guardian
“mesmerising” The Observer
“a story that came as close to being an epic as anything I have seen on the box ... breathtaking ... The story of the building of the canal was as colourful and dramatic as the photography. A television event worthy of its subject.”
Daily Mail

Human Mutants C4/Discovery
“a remarkable programme ... strange and fascinating ... as absorbing and instructive an hour as I have ever spent in front of the TV.”
Daily Mail
“a humane and boundary-breaking programme, compassionate and full of scientific insight.” Sunday Times
“brilliant documentary series ... a fascinating mix of scientific information and gruesome images” The Observer
“Pick of the Day ... an intriguing series” The Guardian
“In different hands, this documentary series might have degenerated into a freak show, but it’s imaginative and extremely educational ... sometimes disturbing but it’s worth it.” Daily Mirror

The Great San Francisco Earthquake C4/National Geographic
“this fine documentary... all the ingredients of a blockbuster” Financial Times
“remarkable” The Times
“blockbuster drama-documentary” Daily Mail
“does a remarkable job in recreating not only the terrifying impact of the quake itself but the horror and chaos that ensued” Daily Express
“gripping” The Independent
“a huge story ... well worth watching” Radio Times
“excellent drama-documentary ... the action cracks along at a terrific pace” TV Times
“vivid reconstructions” Sunday Times

Fooling Hitler ITV1
“this terrific Boys’ Own tale...absorbing docudrama ... one of the most incredible stories of World War Two is brought to life” TV Guide
“If you dismiss James Bond as far-fetched watching this will change your mind!” News of The World
“amazing fact-based drama” Daily Star
“compelling true-life drama” Daily Telegraph
“remarkable factual drama” Daily Express
“one of the most remarkable stories of the Second World War” The Independent
“highly entertaining factual drama” The Guardian

Superfly BBC2/4

“This elegant and witty documentary unravels the role of the fly in modern genetics and pays tribute to the odd scientists for whom ‘the fly is king’” Sunday Times
“Not many people would leap at the chance to watch a documentary about a fly. But this is no ordinary documentary and this is no ordinary award-winning programme ... about the superstars of the laboratory” The Times
“an intriguing documentary about the tiny star of genetic studies” The Independent

Visions of Space BBC2/4
“inspirational series” The Times
“Pick of the Day” The Guardian
“cracking series” “Robert Hughes brings a winningly
bluff charm to his new three part series on the world’s most inspirational architects” Sunday Times

Kimonos for Goalposts ITV1
“Pick of the week” The Sun
“an amiable film, thoughtful and open-minded” The Times

Australia Beyond the Fatal Shore BBC2/PBS/ABC
“brilliant” Daily Mail
“fabulous ... daring and imaginative, it’s hard to see how this series could have been much better.” Daily Telegraph
“excellent and thoughtful” “Full of uncompromising, levelheaded truth-telling” Financial Times
“a vivid look at the country by a native son” Los Angeles Times
“a magnificent series” Radio Times
“fantastic ... full of personal insight, grand vision and a real, gritty feel for Australia in all its beauty, idiosyncrasies and contradictions” The Guardian
“the only program to explode the myths and cliches that others mindlessly indulge ... inspired visual imagery and crisp cinematography” New York Times
“very watchable, instructive and original” New York Daily News
“funny, shrewd and endlessly watchable” The Independent

This is Modern Art C4
“series about art which breaks all the rules... brilliant”
Financial Times
“a fascinating investigation into the world of modern art ... looks beyond the hysteria” funny, challenging, clever and, yes, occasionally shocking.” Sydney Morning Herald
“a fascinating, demystifying look at modern art's myriad strands”
The Independent
“I am delighted to find Channel 4 being true to its remit... fascinating” Independent on Sunday