Philip Smith is an award-winning director, producer and writer with wide-ranging experience in feature documentaries, history, music, science, drama-docs, arts, travelogues, presenter-led series, 3D and commercial projects.

His work has received critical acclaim for its strong storytelling and innovative visual style and has been recognised with many industry awards. He has recently made a documentary with the actor Richard Wilson, back on the road after a serious heart attack and he was also a director on the George Michael documentary Freedom, that includes contributions from Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Tony Bennett amongst others. Other recent work includes a film with a unique take on the solo music of The Beatles, that featured the conductor Charles Hazlewood.

The drama-documentary Frankenstein and the Vampyre formed the centrepiece of the BBC’s Gothic season, while other work includes: several projects with the artist Damien Hirst; a series of shorts for Vodafone and also for Talisker Whisky; promos for the Doha Film Institute; a 3D short and the opening film in the BAFTA and digital Emmy winning BBC production The Virtual Revolution.

Superfly, his highly individual retelling of the story of modern genetics, won a Royal Television Society Award - while other documentary work includes two films in Channel 4’s BAFTA, RTS and Broadcast Award winning series This is Modern Art.

Dramatised films include an account of the struggle to build the Panama Canal – part of the BAFTA, RTS and Indie Award nominated BBC series Seven Wonders of The Industrial World and a factual drama for ITV1 about a team of mavericks who pioneered deception techniques to help win the Second World War.

He has a track record with both new and established on-screen talent: from presenters fresh to television to high profile names. He's adept at working with all sizes of production, from tightly budgeted observational filming through to major international co-productions. He has a thorough grounding in 3D, CGI and all types of drama-documentary from simple reconstruction to fully scripted drama and is a highly-skilled self-shooter.

He also has experience as an executive producer helping oversee a team and multiple commissions; as a lead director establishing the look and feel of a production and as a senior development producer helping to craft treatments that have won multi-million pound commissions.